Work in progress: H

As some of you may remember, few months ago, I was looking for men to participate in my new photographic project. The criteria were strict, the outcome – vague: you needed to 1) have or be willing to grow a mustache 2) be prepared to shave it in a shape I would ask you to 3) be ready to be photographed with your new look in a place that has significance to you.

Since then, I received numerous messages (mainly from curious ladies, rather than gentlemen willing to take part), asking about the project, so I decided to share first results, partially to satisfy your curiosity, partially to get feedback on the work in its early stages.

Basically, I am interested to explore how some visual features become associated with a certain historical figure and what are the boundaries outside of which this is no longer true. For that purpose, I chose Hitler and his iconic mustache and invited men of different ages and cultural and social background to pose for a portrait…

M., Sri Lanka

M., Sri Lanka

M., Poland

M., Poland

This is an ongoing project and I am interested in both, your feedback and willingness to take part, so leave comment below or get in touch via e-mail.


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.


  1. Maciek

    There is something about these photographs that makes me come back and look at them again and again. Maybe, because I am a subject in one of them and I have a particular feeling about them, but to me there is some kind of sadness in them. Do you read it same as me…?

    • First and foremost, thanks for thank part Maciek!
      It’s an interesting point, especially since you know better than anyone else that I never ASKED you to look said, but rather relax and be yourself. If truth be told, I think stripped of emotions, people often look a bit sad, as of bare and more vulnerable than when they put a mask on…
      What do you think?

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