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At the time when numerous print publications go digital or cut hard copy runs to save on cost, it is reassuring to see one of the leading photographic magazines in the UK planning long-term; yesterday, Hot Shoe re-launched with an improved design and ’emphasis on portfolios and essays on contemporary photography’. The bi-monthly magazines priced at £7 per issue is a worthy investment, the current issue showcasing an eclectic selection of work by established and emerging practitioners, while various book and exhibition reviews provide a good overview of the contemporary art scene.

Mike Brodie: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity Featured in Hot Shoe, 183

Mike Brodie: A Period of Juvenile Prosperity
Featured in Hot Shoe, 183

Those who made it to the re-launch at The Photographers’ Gallery also had a chance to see a highly acclaimed Deusche Borse Photography Prize exhibition (on until 13th June). The much debated award show is certainly worth seeing, if nothing just to be able to have your say at another ‘who do you think will win?’ debate. So far, most people I spoke to favor Cristina De Middel’s Afronauts, whom I equally support, although think Broomberg & Chanarin with their project Par Primer 2 deserve the prize more…

Finally, a small retrospective of Chaire Aho’s career in editorial, advertising and fashion photography in the 1950’s – 70’s brings a sweet feeling of nostalgia for good old days (never mind I was born in the last 1980’s) and is both entertaining and educational.

Claire Aho

Claire Aho


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I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.

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