WPO Sony Award

In conjunction with the Sony World Photography Award, WPO hosted a weekend of panel discussions, bringing spotlight on a number of photographic industries. Saturday featured talks on the craft of Photojournalism and working for an NGO – both lively and informative.

During an hour gap between the two discussions, I made use of a discounted entry (not worth the full £7,50 – sorry) and had a speedy look at at the award exhibition. As always, it brings together a kaleidoscope of imagery that would never meet under other circumstances – from investigative journalism and breathtaking scenery to poorly executed and badly doctored portraits and travel snapshots – you name it.

Nonetheless, Andrea Gjestvang‘s project One Day in History looking at the consequences of the tragic evens of the 22nd July 2011 in Norway is a recipient of L’Iris d’Or award and an absolute gem of the show that makes the rest of it worth seeing.

Andrea Gjestvang: One Day in History

Andrea Gjestvang: One Day in History

Other highlights included Fausto Podavani‘s Mirella, Daesung Lee‘s On the shore of a vanishing island and Spencer Murphy‘s campaign portfolio – my three favorites.

Finally, always a pleasure to see familiar places and the work a fellow Latvian photographer Reinis Hofmanis.

Reinis Hofmanis: Territory

Reinis Hofmanis: Territory


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.

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