Kuldiga Coverage

I am back in Riga after an incredibly inspiring week at the International Summer School of Photography in Kuldīga, where I attended Follow Your Conviction. Working with Media workshop with two amazing teachers – photographer Yuri Kozyrev and picture editor of the Russian Reporter magazine Andrei Polikanov.

The workshop theme provoked a heated discussion about the different publication styles and inspired me to make a lighthearted joke about photographers that don’t follow their convictions…

Kuldīga Coverage:

Dreaming to land an editorial assignment, many photographers are willing to compromise their artistic vision, tailoring portfolio to the style of a particular publication. As a critical comment on the issue, I imagined what the covers of the top world magazines might look like if they ever run a story on Kuldīga.

TIME cover from Kuldīga

TIME cover from Kuldīga

The cultural minister of Kuldīga Dace Reinkopa graced the cover of TIME magazine.

National Geographic cover from Kuldīga

National Geographic cover from Kuldīga

Ventas Rumba – the widest waterfall in Europe – appeared on the cover of National Geographic.

Der Spiegel cover from Kuldīga

Der Spiegel cover from Kuldīga

Specialising in investigative journalism, German magazine Der Spiegel features the giant hogweed – one of the most dangerous plants in Latvia – on its typically colourful graphic cover.

Stern cover from Kuldīga

Stern cover from Kuldīga

Stern presents a sexy cover visualising summer in Kuldīga. The original image featured the girls in full height, however, my art director Polikanov insisted on doing ‘Stern crop’, which is a very traumatic experience for any imagemaker.

Paris Match cover from Kuldīga

Paris Match cover from Kuldīga

Finally, Paris Match, which was described to me as a magazine that ‘doesn’t care about photography’ and runs the cheesiest images as double spreads, features a local celebrity – owner of the most beautiful garden of the year – on its cover.

This playful project was a big challenge, but a real pleasure to work on!

Just what would other magazines feature on their cover from Kuldīga?…


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.


  1. Works well because I could guess which magazine it was before reading the name! Well done (again)!!

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