Book Swap

I love reading.

Sure, laptops and tablets are great for storing and transporting large volumes of information, but nothing can beat the smell of ink and dust on fragile yellow pages.

I love sharing.

Which is why, whenever I come across a great book, I am desperately searching for another passionate reader, who will appreciate and enjoy my gift.

And sure, I love receiving.

I always ask friends, acquaintances and (especially!) random people I meet during my travels to recommend me a book to read.

So, of course, I was very excited to discover Read It Swap It website that offers readers to exchange the books they read and no longer need for something from their to-read list. So far, I made two successful swaps and discovered that many people have the whole bookshelves of absolute rubbish – very exciting!

What I found interesting, is that the book swapping is perceived as a very romantic and eco-friendly concept of sharing knowledge without chopping trees for no reason, something in line with John Walters proposition for making books cool again. However, none of those characteristics applies to file sharing. Indeed, there is hardly anything sexy about sending your favorite song to a friend, not to mention a stranger, even though this surely is even greener way of distributing information.

Is this merely because books are literally given away, while files are merely copied. Or does the nostalgia for the good old days of physical objects play its role? What do you think?….

p.s. get in touch if you have books to swap!


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.

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