Free Range// Photo Week #2

Free Range degree shows in Central London, where hundreds of recent graduates from across the UK present the fruits of their year-long labor, are a great place to hunt for inspiration. Unfortunately (for the industry in general, but fortunately for other photographers like myself), this year’s exhibition presented the two extremes on the spectrum of quality and originality of work on display – the majority appallingly poor, with few exceptions of incredibly high standard. I will focus on the latest here:

My absolute favourite is a project about bear hunters in France by River Emilio Thompson from Falmouth University. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find this work online, but other images in his portfolio are equally brilliant:

© River Emilio Thompson

© River Emilio Thompson

Equally impressive is Kieran Hosking‘s personal project Mum & Dad that is both intimate and playful:

© Kieran Hosking

© Kieran Hosking

Katarzyna Kotlarska‘s minimalistic project captivates with its simplicity, life plants displayed in front of the photographs as an elegant final touch:

© Katarzyna Kotlarska

© Katarzyna Kotlarska

Benjamin Kay‘s leporello book is a beautiful document of a journey:

© Benjamin Kay

© Benjamin Kay

And if your are on of those people that think there is nothing new that can be done in photography, you still have two days to visit Free Range show and see Paul MacCrimmon‘s installation with a blank screen and a pair of ‘magic’ glasses…

If you enjoyed discovering new work, see my highlights from the last year’s Free Range week 1 and week 2.


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.

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