Looking for similarities in Marrakech

January is the dullest month of the year – cold, dark and boring – which is why I decided to start 2015 with a trip to Morocco. This wasn’t a typical holiday, as I brought quite a bit of work and the whole library with me (most of it, obviously, also made the journey back, unopened). I deliberately wanted to focus on researching future projects rather than shooting new work, with an exception of the ongoing project What do we have in common? which I try to carry on in every new place I visit.

Moroccan culture wasn’t the easiest for me to work in, as I often struggled to explain what was doing and had few people taking my invitation to participate in the project in a REALLY WRONG way. Still, I met some wonderful people (half of them were the staff of Riad Bik hostel, which was the highlight of my journey and the only reason I actually spent the whole month there), had few truly inspiring conversations and, through learning more about the people of Marrakech, made few discoveries about my own self:


WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk02 WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk03

WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk04 WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk05 WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk06 WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk07 WhatDoWeHaveinCommonMrk08

You can now find the full edit of the project, including images from Antigua and New York, on my website.


About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.


  1. I like the second photo — nice shot! It made sense to me, after I saw the full edit. The link to the Riad is probably not working.

    • Thanks a lot for the useful feedback! The work is still ongoing, but it’s interesting to think what works best.
      The link seems to work for me – maybe it’s country-specific?

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