The Wildest: Highlight from Wilderness Festival

I am back from a long weekend in Oxfordshire, where I recharged my batteries (all but the phone), gathered knowledge and inspiration. It will take me weeks to digest all the new experiences, but here are 10 things that made Wilderness so worth attending:

  1. Morning celebration of life with the Sunday Assembly
  2. Presentation of touch-sensitive ink from Kate Stone
  3. Explanation that the probability of getting all 6 lottery numbers right is 1:13,983,816, meaning if you were to buy a ticket every week, you would have to start at the dawn of civilisation to be lucky nowadays! Thanks Marcus du Sautoy for the brilliant talk on Math!
  4. “Making voting mandatory is an enforcement of freedom. Instead, we need to work to make politics relevant”. Thought-provoking political debate by David Babbs and Zoe Williams
  5. Story about how scientists repeatedly discovered and lost clitoris, vividly presented by Zoe Cormier
  6. “Freedom of speech implies voluntary restrain’. Brilliant talk of the state of expression after Charlie Hebdo by PEN International
  7. Story about 9 underground temples in Italy by David Bramwell – author of The Nr 9 Bus to Utopia
  8. Refreshing and fair Karma Cola
  9. “Gossip from Old English godsibb – God sibling, puts emphasis on the close relationship you must have with a person in order to discuss others”, and tons of other random bits of wisdom at the Philosophy Slam
  10. Beautiful and touching performance The Wheel House by Acrojou



About Tina Remiz

I am a documentary storyteller and visual artist of Latvian origin, currently based in the UK's capital.

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