Hello and welcome – nice to meet you!

Since you’ve asked, it’s time to introduce myself:

I was made in USSR and named after Tina Turner, although you would never guess the two if you met me in person.

With academic background in photography, journalism, media and fine art, and equally eclectic employment history, I work across a wide range of creative platforms, choosing the most suitable combination of mediums to tell the story.

I never make work that illustrates a story – I create work that tells it.

I often pass evening reading books and watching movies and am glad to share my discoveries.

Traveler and explorer, I enjoy the evolution of ideas into plans, into experiences and into memories.

I find little value in material object and collect experiences instead. For some visual notes, please follow my journal.

I love short novels, long skirts, salty wind, bitter coffee, sweet nothing, smell of the freshly cut grass, road dust on my backpack, childhood friends, talking to strangers, unique experiences, shared memories, ambitious ideas, adventurous plans, bit-size tasks, courageous questions, honest answers, intelligent discussions, intimate conversations, silence.

To learn more, visit my online portfolio or ask me a question.


One comment

  1. I think your work is amazing, Thank you.

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